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Your vehicle's electrical system consists of the alternator, battery, and starter. The alternator charges the battery in your car and helps power your vehicle's electronic accessories when the vehicle is running. The battery provides power to the starter and your car's entire electrical current until your vehicle starts. The starter is what gets the engine going. If one of these parts isn't working properly, your vehicle won't start or run correctly. Our knowledgeable auto technicians at Meissner Automotive in Palo Alto, CA have the training to provide a full continuum of electrical system services to ensure your vehicle is working properly.


Your vehicle's battery supplies power to the starter and ignition system. It also delivers the juice needed to power your lights and accessories until the alternator takes over. Warning signs of a weak battery can include: a check engine light, slow engine crank, low battery fluid level, swelling of the battery case, a battery leak, dim incandescent headlights, or simply old age. Obvious symptoms don't always present before a battery failure, so it's important to have the battery inspected routinely to prevent an unexpected failure that leaves you stranded.


Your vehicle's starter plays an important role in your car's ignition. After the battery supplies power to the starter, the starter cranks the engine to life. Symptoms of a failing starter can include: a vehicle that won't start, delayed or labored cranking, and a grinding noise when freewheeling. Symptoms of a malfunctioning starter can be very similar to symptoms of a weak battery, so it's advisable to check the condition of the battery if your car exhibits any of these behaviors.


Your vehicle's alternator charges the vehicle's battery and helps power other electronic accessories. Signs of a faulty alternator can include: dim headlights, a dead battery, starter problems, a whining noise, the smell of burning rubber, and a check engine light. Although your vehicle can start with a bad alternator, it won't run for long. A complete electrical system check can help catch any issues before your alternator stops working altogether.

Meissner Automotive Electrical System Technicians

If your vehicle has issues starting or charging or exhibits any other electrical problems, don't delay. Bring your vehicle to the experts at Meissner Automotive in Palo Alto, CA so we can assess the situation, make corrections, and help prevent further damage. Our experienced ASE certified mechanics are qualified to perform preventative maintenance on all makes and models of vehicles and can diagnose and service all the electrical components of your car.

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