A problem with the front axle was diagnosed and repaired promptly. I had the car back the next day.


I believe them to be honest and trustworty

Thank you, Ronald, for choosing Meissner Automotive. We appreciate you for placing your trust in us.Meissner Automotive

Kurt and his team are great! I called that morning to see if they could take care of a problem and he said no problem - drop the car by and it was done early afternoon! I come from a family of mechanics and it is great to have people you can count on and trust!

Thank you, Ann, for the high praise. Because you've grown up in a family of mechanics, you know how hard we work to create 100% customer satisfaction. Meissner Automotive

Great service

Thanks for the great feedback, Suzanne. See you next time. :-)Meissner Automotive

Excellent. Friendly and competent service at reasonable prices. Family owned business that has gone the extra mile to help me and my family.

Thank you so much, Ann, for choosing Meissner Automotive. We appreciate you.Meissner Automotive

Kurt was helpful and explained everything. Service was performed on time.

Thanks for choosing Meissner Automotive. We appreciate you.Meissner Automotive

Came here after a ridiculous quote to replace a CV axle assembly from my Lexus dealer. Got a quote from Kurt that was reasonable, brought the car in. Kurt was friendly, professional, and kept me informed every step of the way and went above and beyond to fix my car on time and to the estimate, even after encountering a situation where the hub wouldn't come free from the axle (after 170k miles, it apparently had seized together). I would definitely recommend Meissner Automotive and will be back (but hopefully not too soon ;P )!

Thank you for placing your trust in Meissner Automotive. We appreciate you sharing the good news about our auto repair team. Meissner Automotive

Great service and fair prices for diagnostic and repair vs. dealerships. I've been here a couple of time with my mom's car. I trust them!

Thanks for placing your trust in the Meissner Automotive team. We appreciate you and look forward to seeing you again.Meissner Automotive

I have been going to Meissner since a trusted body shop owner recommended it about 2 years ago. They have been in the business for over 50 years and you don't operate for that long unless you treat your customers right. The best thing i like with them is they havw the best gadgets that the dealers have, except they charge a fraction of the price. Case in point, 2 years ago, they charged me $75 to reprogram the keys of my 2013 5 series versus $200 in the BMW dealer. I have since rejected service maintenance rip offs at the dealer in favor of Meissner, and i could not be happier at my decision. I now bring my Audi Q3 to them for regular service as well and have saved lots of money over dealer pricing. I am always treated in a friendly way and they really do their best to make sure everything is right. They even go above and beyond sometimes like when they lent me a loaner car so i can get to work. That is something only a dealer usually does. Highly recommended!

Thank you, Alan, for sharing the good news about Meissner Automotive. We appreciate your terrific feedback.Meissner Automotive

Thanks for the 5 stars, Ray. Meissner Automotive